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At NOMExperts, their sole focus is providing retail businesses with the services they need to obtain their NOM certification and begin selling their products in Mexico. NOMExperts works closely with their clients to develop a compliance strategy that helps them accomplish their sales and expansion goals. Below is a break down of these services:

Labeling/Commercial Compliance

The labeling and commercial compliance standards must be followed precisely or delays are likely. NOMExperts knows and understands the documentation and labeling requirements that ensure that commercial products are in compliance and ready for retail sale. This includes specific knowledge regarding the regulations for the following:

  • NOM-OO4: Textiles
  • NOM-015: Toys
  • NOM-020: Leather Goods
  • NOM-024: Electric/Electronics
  • NOM-050: General Merchandise
  • NOM-051: Food and Non Alcoholic Beverages

NOM Certification

In addition to being labeled correctly to demonstrate their compliance with the NOM standards, certain imported products must also obtain a NOM certification. This process involves testing by an independent lab that has been vetted by the Mexican government as well as filing the appropriate paperwork regarding the testing and other certification requirements. NOMExperts works with retail companies on the following

NOM certifications:

  • NOM-001: Electronic Product
  • NOM-003: Electrical Products
  • NOM-208: Wireless Technology such as WiFi and Bluetooth

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A key stumbling block when retail companies start the NOM certification process is the language barrier. In most cases, the bulk of the regulations and requirements are written exclusively in Spanish. Some portions of the standards have been translated to English but, understandably, those are not the ones that are necessarily kept updated.

The language that is contained within the NOM regulations and requirements can be arduous and complex for those who don’t have a firm grasp on the Spanish language. This is why it’s important for any business that is considering a company that offers NOM services ensure that only native Spanish speakers are used. Only they can decipher the legalese that is contained within the standards since they are maintained and released by a governmental agency.

When a retail business partners with NOMExperts, they have access to the following translation services by qualified native Spanish speaking individuals:

  • Legal contracts
  • Instruction manuals
  • Packaging

Textile Labeling Requirements

NOM-004 encompasses the requirements for importing textiles into Mexico. Just like the other standards imposed by the Mexican government, each textile item must be compliant with the language contained within that NOM or risk being delayed at the border. Knowing how to successfully navigate the textile labeling requirements by choosing to consult with NOMExperts helps ensure that the company’s products get into the Mexican market as soon as possible.

Process for Obtaining NOM Certification

NOMExperts has more than 20 years of experience helping retail business import their products into Mexico. They are well-versed in the steps involved to get from start to finish — regardless of how complex a project is. Additionally, NOMExperts has years of experience in the sales and supply side so they understand how important a fast turnaround time is for retail companies so they can meet their goals.

Prior to beginning the NOM certification process, it’s necessary to determine under which scheme the product belongs to so the applicable paperwork can be obtained. Lab testing, if necessary, follows this step as well as the gathering of the necessary documentation. All of the required paperwork must be delivered promptly and completely in order to avoid delays. NOMExperts oversees the management of the entire NOM certification process with an emphasis on developing compliance solutions that work for their clients while focusing on the expedient delivery of the results.

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