Electronic Certification Symbols

Businesses that are eager to expand their market reach can look forward to untapped markets in Mexico. With a country-wide population of more than 130 million and 139 cities that are home to at least 100,000 people, an expansion into the Mexican market has the potential to substantially increase a business’s growth pattern. Knowing how to effectively penetrate that market from the start can streamline the process, help prevent delays and make the most of a company’s resources.

Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM)

The most important thing to remember when bringing new products to the Mexican market concerns the Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM). These official Mexican standards are often referred to as normas or NOMs and are the blueprint that a company must follow in order to import their products into the company. The official regulations and standards contained with the NOMs are compulsory. Businesses must be compliant with each applicable regulation that covers their particular activity in order to be cleared to sell their items anywhere in the country. Once cleared, the business’s products receive a certification as well as an official NOM mark that serves as evidence of its compliance.

Electronic Certification Symbols

Electronic and electrical products must undergo a process during which they are tested to ensure their compliance with the standards the Mexican governmental agency in charge of the NOMs has established. The presence of various electronic certification symbols is an indication that a particular product has met the applicable standards. This can help ease the process of obtaining the NOM certification that is necessary before any foreign goods can be sold in the country.

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Below is a list of the electronic certification symbols that a company is likely to need to be aware of when it comes to obtaining their NOM certification. It is important to remember, though, that the following list is not considered to be inclusive. Regulations and requirements can often change and with little notice so it’s crucial for businesses to partner with a NOM expert who can guide them through the process.

  • Underwriters Laboratories Mark

The capital letters, “UL,” that are offset and surrounded by a circle is one of the most commonly seen certification symbols. Typically based on the safety standards established by the Underwriters Laboratories, this presence of this mark indicates that the organization has tested a sample of the product and found it to meet its requirements. Common products that are affixed with this mark include a range of computer equipment, home appliances and safety systems such as carbon and smoke detectors.

  • International “emc-Mark”

The Underwriters Laboratory also established the International “emc-Mark” for those products that have been tested to meet the requirements of several countries including the United States, Australia, Japan and Europe. There are a number of products that subject to this type of testing such as radio-controlled equipment, medical equipment, televisions, microwave ovens and computers.

  • VDE Mark

The VDE Mark is given to those appliances that have conformed with the standards established by VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in regards to the particular directives that are applicable to the product. If a business has products that could potentially contain radiological, electrical, toxic, thermal, mechanical or other hazards of this type, it could require a VDE mark.

  • CE

The CE mark is an indication that a particular product meets the applicable directives that the European Union requires it to meet prior to the receipt of the symbol. Though the manufacturer of the product itself is responsible for the CE mark, it is possible to authorize a representative to ensure that these requirements are met and maintained.

  • NOM Mark

The NOM mark is distinctive in that it contains the three letters: NOM in between two horizontal black lines. Without this mark on display on a particular product, it will not be allowed past customs. This can, and likely will, result in significant delays in getting the product to the point of sale.

Certain categories of imported products require the NOM mark and/or NOM certification before they can be sold in Mexico. All consumer electronics, medical devices, information technology equipment, industrial control equipment, lighting products and wire and cable are the categories that must conform to the regulations established by NOM.

The process of obtaining a NOM mark is one that can be long and arduous. The decision regarding the application for a NOM certificate and/or NOM mark relies on the technical foundations of the product, the lab testing results, information obtained during follow-up, the compliance evaluation and other available data.

Partnering with NOMExperts provides companies with a professional team that is well-versed and experience regarding the NOM process from start to finish. From native Spanish speakers and a team that has decades of experience to hands-on expertise regarding the sales side of the business and the challenges companies face when bringing their products to Mexico, NOMExperts provides businesses with unparelled and comprehensive services.

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