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NOMExperts has one goal in mind: to assist businesses in increasing their profits through expansion into Mexico. The NOMExperts team does so by utilizing their unique expertise and experience while also delivering their services in a professional manner. If you’re ready to take the next step in growing and expanding your business, turn to the NOMExperts to help you navigate the complexities the process entails.

Our Experience

With a background in sales, consulting, and compliance, each member of the NOMExperts team has more than 20 years of hands-on experience.

Fluent in both written and spoken Spanish and English, the NOMExperts team excels at deciphering the often complex regulations that businesses are required to follow in order to be compliant with the official Mexican standards for certain imported items.

NOMs and What They Mean to Businesses

Foreign businesses who desire to sell items in Mexico will hear the term, “NOM” frequently. This is the acronym for Norma Oficial Mexican which are the country’s standards that are applied to labeling products that are imported. Strict compliance with these labeling and testing regulations is required in order for a business to successfully gain access to the lucrative Mexican market.
Overseen by the Secretaria de la Economia (Mexican Economic Secretariat), a Mexican government agency, NOMs — by their very nature — are highly technical and changes frequently. These standards are also written primarily in Spanish, though English translations for some sections of the NOMs could be available. It’s important to note that any such English language within the NOM documentation is nearly always out of date when compared to the parts of the NOMs that are written in Spanish, however.
In spite of their complexity and the fact that the NOMs are written almost exclusively in Spanish, businesses who desire to import products into the country are expected to comply with each requirement at all times. Not doing so could cause significant, negative consequences including — but not limited to — delays and outright rejection of company’s application.

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Paving the Way to Smooth NOMs

At NOMExperts, your success is their success. By providing top-notch professional consulting to their clients, NOMExperts sets them up for a profitable expansion. A deep understanding of the language contained within the NOMs is vital to reducing a company’s time in getting their inventory into the hands of Mexican consumers.

Because NOMExperts has the robust experience that comes from being integrated into the sales and supply sectors, their team can develop solutions tailored to each client’s particular challenges and needs. The end result is a shorter time spent waiting for the approval of an application as well as a reduction in the likelihood of unnecessary delays.

NOMExperts Represents Diverse Companies

The line-up of companies represented by NOMExperts demonstrates their diversity and skill in obtaining the necessary compliance documentation. With the NOMExperts team’s experience and expertise, connections with some of the country’s top retailers have already been forged. With access to such major players in the Mexican market like AutoZone Mexico, Lowes Mexico, Wal-Mart Mexico and Costco Mexico, NOMExperts provides businesses with the guidance and representation needed to successfully introduce their products into the country.

If your business is ready to expand into Mexico, partnering with an experienced and professional consultancy, compliancy and testing company like NOMExperts is vital to your success. Contact NOMExperts today to learn how their team can help!


René Villalvazo – Founder of NOMExperts

For more than 20 years, René Villalvazo developed strategic accounts through positions as a sales manager covering various regions throughout Mexico, the west coast of the United States and Latin America. With a proven history of growing sales with each of his positions, René demonstrated an ability to strategize and design solutions to meet established goals.

A United States Army veteran, René also holds a B.A. in International Business with a Specialization in Latin American Countries. His keen knowledge and deep experience allow him to provide the consulting, compliance and testing services that today’s company need to successfully penetrate the Mexican market.

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