NOM Certification

Any companies, agencies intermediaries involved in this process require signed and initialized copies of any service agreement. Documentation that identifies who the holder of the NOM certificate is must be included.

NOM Certification

Tapping into the Mexican market is a key method of expansion for many businesses. In order to break into that market, though, the Mexican government requires that manufacturers, importers sellers be either from Mexico or from countries that have signed agreements or a free-trade treaty with Mexico. They must have a Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM) certification.

What is NOM Certification?

Every product that enters Mexico must prove that it is compliant with NOM labeling requirements. Electrical and electronic products undergo additional scrutiny and must receive a NOM certification before they can be marketed for the Mexican market. Some examples of products that must have a NOM certification include freezers, air conditioners, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), motor-operated tools and submersible and vertical water pumps. Additionally, telecommunications products designed to transmit data such as WAN, analogical, LAN and digital systems and those that will be connected to the Public Telecom Network (PTN) must also receive a NOM certification.

Steps to Obtain NOM Certification in Mexico

The first step involves identifying the legal and technical documentation that is required for the particular product type. While these documents can be downloaded directly from the internet, it can be a complex process to determine the right forms that must be used.

Any companies, agencies, and intermediaries involved in this process require signed and initialized copies of any service agreement. Documentation that identifies who the holder of the NOM certificate is must be included. It is this certificate holder who is responsible for items such as the product’s liability, warranty, and maintenance, according to Mexican law.

Any power of attorney documentation that is relevant to the NOM certification must include the names and address of any agents and/or intermediaries that are authorized to sign on behalf of the company in regards to the services that are needed. Any communication that pertains to the NOM certification and/or its process is addressed to the power of attorney.

The next step is to initiate testing. The shipment of testing samples must be coordinated and sent to the appropriate laboratory. The process must be monitored and any issues or discrepancies need to be addressed to ensure the timely completion of this step.

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Testing to Meet NOM Certificate Requirements

Certain products require testing by an authorized labortory in order to meet the standards set forth in the NOMs. Only test results issued by a lab that has been subcontracted by UL de Mexico, S.A. de C. V or that have been validated by UL de Mexico, S. A. de C. V. are acceptable.

One exception to this requirement exists. It is limited to those laboratories that are working with a mutual recognition agreement (MRA). In addition, one of two items needs to be included with the NOM application. Either the applicant can provide the original test results, along with the validation letter that the lab issued or validated test results that were provided by the lab that has been subcontracted. These must be expanded upon using the lab’s on validation form as well.

Transferring a NOM Certificate

Once a NOM certificate has been issued to a designated entity or the power of attorney, it cannot be transferred to a different certificate holder. It is possible, though, for the manufacturer that holds a NOM certificate to provide the usage rights that the NOM certificate includes to distributors in Mexico. This step allows these distributors to apply for and receive their own NOM certificates without having to go through the entire testing process again.

Streamlining the NOM Certification Process

The process of obtaining NOM certification is one that needs constant monitoring and communication. In many cases, there is a language barrier that can impede the smooth execution of this process. Working with a company such as AIS Compliance & Service serves to streamline it. Not only is a manufacturer ensured that each step of the process is in compliance with Mexican laws, but there is also no language barrier as the team at AIS Compliance & Service is bilingual. With more than 20 years of experience in international business, sales and service, AIS Compliance & Service is adept at crafting creative solutions that meet their clients’ needs in a timely and professional manner.

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