NOMExperts is an industry-leading group of compliance professionals each of whom has more than 20 years of experience working within the international business landscape. Currently, we help our clients in the United States and overseas by developing compliance solutions that are designed to assist them in selling to the major retailers in Mexico.

What is NOM Certification Mexico?

The Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM) certification is a set of regulations and standards that are required by the Mexican government for a number of diverse activities. Every product that enters Mexico must meet the requirements outlined in NOM

A Guide to Products Requiring NOM Certification

Do you have a product requiring NOM certification? Do you know how to get this crucial documentation and what being compliant with its requirements mea

For more than 20 years, each member of the NOMExperts team has been involved in helping businesses expand their sales while streamlining their supply chain. As fluent in the knowledge of what today’s businesses need in order to successfully enter the vibrant Mexican market as they are in their native Spanish, the NOMExperts team prides itself on developing the comprehensive strategies that allow retail businesses to import their products.


Partner with NOMExperts Today and Realize Your Dreams of Expansion Tomorrow

NOMExperts is a small and aggressive company that thinks and acts globally. This philosophy comes from their years of building connections so manufacturers around the world can sell their products to big-box retailers in the heart of Mexico’s fast-growing metro areas. Through their decades of hands-on experience, the NOMExperts team has tackled complex problems with innovative solutions that meet compliance regulations and requirements in a timely manner. 

NOMExperts Combine Hands-On Experience and In-Depth Expertise

NOMExperts is your gatekeeper into the lucrative Mexican retail market. With their in-depth knowledge of the challenges that retailers face when they want to import their products into Mexico, NOMExperts is focused on making the often confusing process of NOM certification both easy to understand and simple to implement. 

NOMs: What Stands in Between a Retail Business and its Expansion into Mexico

The barrier that any retail business encounters when they want to sell their products in Mexico are the NOMs. Known as the Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOMs) in Mexico, these regulations mean the “Mexican Official Standards” as they apply to any imports. Compliance with these technical regulations is required before any products will be allowed past the Mexican border. There are also voluntary standards whose compliance might or might not be mandatory, depending on the product.

Bilingual Experts are a Necessity

These NOMs contain a great deal of complex governmental language that is written almost exclusively in Spanish. Though there are other language versions available for many of the regulations, the Comision Nacional de Normalizacion (CNN) urges businesses who want to pursue a NOM certification which allows them to import their products to check the Spanish language versions of the regulations for the latest updates. The CNN which translates to the National Standardization Commission is in charge of approving the National Standards Program.

Legal jargon, technical manuals and even simple instructions are all going to be primarily in Spanish. Without a native speaker on board, retail businesses will find themselves at a significant disadvantage when it comes to navigating every step of the NOM certification process. Every minute that’s lost in an attempt to translate some aspect of the NOMs means that the business experiences a delay in getting their product past customs and into the big box retailers.

NOMExperts Makes it as Easy as As 1…2…3…

With NOMExperts knocking down the barriers that stand in the way of a business and their compliance with the NOMs, success is within reach. Even better is the fact that the NOMExperts team has worked extensively on the supply and sales sides of the business so they know how important it is to expedite the NOM certification process.

The NOMExperts team has the skills to undertake any situation — no matter how complex or challenging it is. For over 20 years, the NOMExperts team has been clearing the way for retail businesses to expand into the eager Mexican market. 

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