Products Requiring NOM Certification

The three primary product categories for NOM center on those with electrical, electronics or telecommunications equipment.

Products Requiring NOM Certification

The Direccion General de Normas (DGN) — also known as the Mexican Bureau of Standards — coordinates and manages activities related to standardization in Mexico through the Secretariat of Economy (SE). This authority stems from a federal law that was enacted in 1988 that was designed to give interested parties and the public better access and greater transparency to the process of standards development. The Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (NOM) — or Mexican Official Standards — are technical regulations and requirements issued by government agencies that must be complied with.

Products Requiring NOM Certification

These regulations served as a method for companies to tap into the Mexican market and sell their products in stores and other venues throughout the country. There are numerous products in nearly all industries that require compliance with NOM labeling so they’ll be allowed to cross at the border. These include leather goods, general merchandise, food and non-alcoholic beverages, toys and textiles. The following NOM labels indicate compliance with the Mexican standards:

  • NOM-050: General Merchandise
  • NOM-015: Toys
  • NOM-051: Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • NOM-004: Textiles
  • NOM-020: Leather Goods
  • NOM-024: Electric/Electronics

Certain products also require NOM certification. There are three categories that require a NOM certificate: electronic products, wireless technology and electrical products. In order to demonstrate their compliance with the NOM standards, these products must have a NOM mark that the Mexican customs officials can check as they enter the country at the border with the United States.

The NOM mark is issued only in the distributor, manufacturer or importer of record for the product. It is valid for one year

NOM Standards

In some aspects, the NOM standards mirror those standards that are used internationally. This accreditation process regarding the consistency of Mexico’s standards with those internationally went into effect in 2001. The Ministry of Economy released an executive order in 2010 that recognized certain Canadian and United States certifications as being equivalent to those required by NOM.

NOM Certification

The three primary product categories for NOM center on those with electrical, electronics or telecommunications equipment. Some examples of products within each category requiring NOM certification follow:

  • NOM-003: Electrical Products. These include — but are not limited to — wiring devices, power supply cords, attachment plugs, receptacles, hospital grade devices, electrode holders and circuit breakers.
  • NOM-001: Electronic Products: Electronic products include items such as freezers, clothes washers, televisions, microwaves, air conditioners and motor-operated tools, among many consumer electronics.
  • NOM 208: Wireless Technology. Telecommunications products fall under this NOM. Some examples include digital data transmitters, LAN systems, analog data transmitters, WAN systems and those products that can be connected to the Public Telecom Network (PTN) before receiving, converting, processing and transmitting signals.

Obtaining NOM Certification

There are numerous steps and regulations that must be completed before any product can obtain a NOM certification. From the correct forms to the required testing, the process can seem like it’s designed to discourage importers from selling their products to the Mexican market. In reality, though, Mexico is simply trying to protect its citizens by ensuring that each product has been tested for safety and compliance of its standards.

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