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Introducing the NOM Certification blog sponsored by NOMExperts! Here retail businesses will find a wealth of information relating to the complex and sometimes scary process that is required in order to start selling products in Mexico. While the end result of the process is a certificate or mark proclaiming that a product has met the Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM) or Official Mexican Standards regarding imported items, there are many questions and concerns that are typically raised along the way.

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Homologation Services

NOMEXPERTS is now offering full IFT Homologation Services to go along with your new or existing NOM208-SCFI certification. Achieve full compliance for your wireless capable products with Homologation.

VAPING in Mexico

COFEPRIS, Mexico’s Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risk has announced that the importation, distribution and commercialization of vaping products is ILLEGAL in Mexico. They cannot be sold in stores of any class, e-commerce or social...


COFEPRIS (Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios,) is a regulatory body of the Mexican government. Translated it’s The Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risk. It is a decentralized organ of the Mexican Secretariat of Health, and...

Electronic Certification Symbols

Electronic Certification Symbols   Businesses that are eager to expand their market reach can look forward to untapped markets in Mexico. With a country-wide population of more than 130 million and 139 cities that are home to at least 100,000 people, an expansion into...

Mexican NOMs in English

Mexican NOMs in English   In order for them to be imported into Mexico, all foreign products and goods must comply with the labeling requirements that have been laid out by the country's government. These Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM)  or Official Mexican Standards --...

Products Requiring NOM Certification  

Products Requiring NOM Certification   The three primary product categories for NOM center on those with electrical, electronics or telecommunications equipment. The Direccion General de Normas (DGN) -- also known as the Mexican Bureau of Standards -- coordinates and...

What is NOM Certification Mexico?  

What is NOM Certification Mexico?   The products that require a NOM certification are diverse and span many different industries. Some sectors, such as electronics and electrical equipment, have more stringent requirements than others. The Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM)...

The NOM Process

Because a governmental agency is involved, most businesses understand that the process of obtaining the NOM mark or NOM certificate that is required before their products can be sold in Mexico is one that is comprised of numerous steps. The standards prepared by the Direccióin General de Normas (DGN) — which translates to the General Directorate of Standards — are written in Spanish. While some portions of the applicable text have been translated into English, these aren’t kept as up-to-date as the original Spanish version.

Not surprisingly, the standards and instructions involved in the NOM certification must be followed carefully and precisely. Otherwise, delays that could have been avoided might occur. These could result in frustration and stress if time and/or money is lost.

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A Viable NOM Certification Strategy

An expansion into the Mexican market is a valid method of aligning a business’ sales strategy with their goals. By arming themselves with information, it’s more likely that a retail business will find success the first time they go through the NOM certification process.

One of the most crucial elements to comprehend when planning for a NOM certification is the categories of products that must undergo this process. In addition to food items, electric and electronic devices, lighting products and information technology equipment are all subject to the process of obtaining a NOM certification.

Partnering with a company that not only has the experience in successfully guiding other retail businesses through the NOM certification process, but that also understands the urgency that such a business operates on its sales end is vital. NOMExperts is a bilingual team of expertswho have more than two decades of experience developing compliance strategies with the end goals of their clients in

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